To save the Family and America, APP’s Big Family will do 4 simple things:


There are millions of families in America and we plan to organize them in politics. Families are stronger if they are united together with other families who share their values. Our goal is to organize 1 million members in 5 years.


Having a family is tough work. Many families don’t have time to keep up with the barrage of attacks against them. APP and our Big Family have you covered. We’ll keep you updated on all the major threats facing you and your families. We’ll also show you how to fight back.


Slimy lobbyists have had way too much influence on legislation and policy changes in this country. We’ll engage our members in legislative fights to make sure your family is being represented and protected. Together, our Big Family will fight bad legislation and help pass good legislation.


Politics isn’t downstream of culture -- it’s a driving force in culture. Changing the law leads to changes in the culture. The Left has understood this for years. APP’s Big Family will keep track of the most important elections in the country and organize our members to turn out the vote in a way the world has never seen before.

APP Family

Today, almost everyone has a political arm or lobbyist to protect their interests. Seniors have the AARP, gun owners have the NRA, and teachers have the NEA—but where do families turn when politicians are causing them problems? That’s where APP’s Big Family fills the gap.

Politicians aren’t afraid of American families—but they should be. Families are a natural political institution and if organized in politics, we are incredibly powerful. Not only are families the largest voting demographic, but pro-family issues also win elections. Moreover, families’ concerns go beyond traditional social issues, and they can be mobilized in support of school choice, election integrity, and even the fight against social media censorship.

APP has identified the serious threat progressive social policies present to American families and has invested in elections by identifying and targeting persuadable voters. We know how to use the Left’s extreme ideological stances on political issues to help close the vote gap and deliver wins for pro-family candidates. Our track record has shown that we can mobilize activists who care about the policies that are important to the American family—now we need to capitalize on this momentum and make the family the most important and powerful political institution in Washington, D.C.

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We’ve got to save America – but in order to save America – we have to save the family. Starting at just $25 a year, you can join our growing ‘Big Family’ at American Principles Project